How to Use Nested Scenes in OBS


Using Nested Scenes in OBS Studio is a great way to create a consistent look and feel to your scenes.  This is especially useful when creating utility scenes like Starting, Be Right Back and Ending.

By using a single template that you build using your assets you can then efficiently link this nested scene and only have to make overall updates in one place.  By calling each asset only once into the main template, the overall resource cost of your scenes will be lower too – this means more processing and graphics power to focus on the out output of your silky smooth stream.

This short Tutorial Video on How to Use Nested Scenes in OBS covers the basics of nesting scenes and will take you through step by step the creation of a simple set of utility scenes containing a video background, a logo, a set of banner adverts and a schedule.

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I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any comments or suggestions, please use the comments here, on YouTube or in the stream chat when I’m live.

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