Fix Display Driver Stopped Responding Windows 10

If you’ve got an AMD (ATI) graphics card and you keep getting the message “The Display Driver Has Stopped Responding” in Windows 10 it can be very frustrating. The screen goes blank for a second, the message pops up and any application you were using likely crashes – especially frustrating if you’re in a game.  This simple guide will hopefully help remove the problem and get you back to a nice stable system.

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How to Avoid Huge Mobile Roaming Charges

International roaming data charges are typically very expensive.  Not usually a problem for most of us, but getting the most from your data plan whilst abroad can be critical for those of us that have to travel frequently, especially between the UK and USA.  Three offer exceptional service when roaming in the USA with their standard services but you can get even more value if you grab a pay as you go sim.  Let’s take a look on how to stay connected whilst in the USA without coming home to a huge data bill.

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Fix Sky Q Digital Audio Drop Outs

Sky Q appears to have an issue with 5.1 Digital Sound dropping out when being played over HDMI.  At random intervals the digital sound will drop out for a second and then come back during playback.  This issue was pretty common on Sky HD at different points during it’s life cycle and was eventually fixed by the software.  Until a software update is released to address the issue on Sky Q, I wanted to share a simple work around that will have you listening to the digital sound track without any annoying drop outs.

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