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Yes I’m probably a bit too old for video games, yes everyone seems to have a YouTube channel now and yes – this was mostly done to keep the kids amused but the guys behind ePINIONATED have started their own YouTube Channel – Team sOOtie.

The channel is currently focused around games and gaming but as we grow, we’re likely going to diversify into a family vlog.

We’ve only just started so content and subscibers are a bit thin on the ground but we are trying to build up a presence fairly and honestly (none of this pay to subscribe rubbish!).

We hope you take the time to visit the Team sOOtie YouTube channel and would welcome any constructive feedback.

Author: BigGeek

Wayne is a self-proclaimed geek, IT Professional, father of two and husband who's still much closer to 40 than 50. When he's not busy in an otherwise hectic life he takes time to blog on all things that warrant an online opinion. Founded in 2012, ePINIONATED has been a guilty pleasure for Wayne, giving him an online voice in a very noisy Interweb – some of which might even be useful, maybe.

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