LG Dual Play on ANY Passive LG 3DTV


LG Dual Play is one of the flagship features of it’s new LW980T 3D TV range.  In short, this means that instead of relying on traditional split screen gaming for people playing on the same screen, you can actually both see different full screens.

Sounds like magic?  Not really – especially when you consider that you can actually use any LG 3D TV to get the same result.  In fact, this process may work on ANY Passive 3D TV but as I’ve only got an LG 47LW550T to test it on – I can’t confirm this.

So let’s take a closer look at how we can make any LG Passive 3DTV play in Dual Play mode.

The thing that all split screen games have in common is that they will always rely on either a vertical or horizontal split to allow two players to enjoy the game at the same time.

For this test, we’re using the following:

  • LG 47LW550T Passive 3DTV
  • 2 pairs of the bundled LG 3D Glasses (AG-F210)
  • Xbox 360
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Samsung ES75 Digital Camera

Before we get into the process, let’s look at how passive 3D works.

In simple terms, the TV displays two images.  One is transmitted in a way that only left lenses can see, the other is transmitted so that the right lenses can see. When viewed using 3D glasses, the left and right eyes see different images and the brain pieces them together and it gives the effect of perspective.

If we were to swap a couple of lenses and made a Left-Only pair of glasses and a Right-Only pair of glasses then although we wouldn’t see any 3D effects – we would be seeing two slightly different images when wearing each set of glasses.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

Take the two pairs of glasses (ideally two different colours – I’m using Black and Green).

  1. I remove the right lens from the Black pair by using a small screwdriver and prizing the bottom of the frame which holds the lens.  Once opened it’s possible to slide the lens out.
  2. I then remove the left lens from the green pair in the same way.
  3. By trimming the small notch from the lens using a sharp pair of scissors, it allows it to then fit into the opposite frame without too much fiddling.
  4. The lenses are then swapped over so we have both left lenses in the Black Glasses and the right lenses in the Green Glasses.
  5. Once the new lenses are in place, the bottom of the frames are then clicked back together.

Of course an alternative would be to buy some LG Dual Play Glasses – but where is the fun in that?

That’s the tricky bit done – now we need to setup the game and TV.

  1. We boot the game as normal and head into the Multiplayer section.  Once in there we start a normal split screen game. Player 1 is at the top of the screen and Player 2 is at the bottom.
  2. Now, we go into the 3D option on the TV and from the list of available options, we choose the horizontal split option (fig2).
  3. Now the screen will look a mess – you’ll basically be seeing both screens stretched to fit the screen and overlaid on top of each other (fig3).
  4. Player 1 should then pop on the Green Glasses and Player 2 the Black and voila – full screen gaming.

For comparison I’ve started a new multiplayer split screen game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty – Normal Split Screen View


(fig1) Firstly, this image shows how the screen looks normally.

Selecting the 3D mode on LG TV

(fig2) We then choose the 3D mode on the TV:

(fig3) Which then shows a screen with both Player 1 and Player 2 displayed at the same time:

Call of Duty when both screens are merged on LG TV

(fig4) This image then shows the view from the Green glasses (Player 1).  It was taken with a standard digital camera from behind the lens of the Green glasses:

Call of Duty: Player 1 View through Green Glasses

(fig5) This image shows the view from the Black glasses (Player 2).  It was taken with a standard digital camera from behind the lens of the Black glasses:

Call of Duty: Player 1 View through Black Glasses

The results as you can see are pretty impressive.  These images don’t do the experience justice if I’m honest but hopefully they make the point.

The results can be heavily affected by the positioning of the screen – many people make the mistake of positioning their Passive 3D screen too high or too low.

The aspect ratio is also slightly out – something I’m guessing the official LG Dual Play feature would remove – and although not as perfect as the official feature, I think this result on a TV that costs less than half of it’s big brother – I think I can live with the differences.

Although this was tested using Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 it will work with any split screen game that uses either horizontal or vertical divides.  I’ve tested it with Forza 4 and Sonic Racing both with superb results.


  1. Thank you for this post. I’d heard it was possible and the instructions were ace – been playing PGR with my little brother all night using this.

  2. I’ve tried this with my LG LW5600 with mixed results.Yes it gives each player his own full screen experience but by no means a crisp normal looking picture.You can still notice a lot of problems.My guess is that LG will include this Dual Play feature as either a firmware update or an LG APP.I saw a short YOUTUBE clip by an LG Rep.at CES 2012 and he said”If you purchased an LG set last year,you will also be able to use this feature”.That being said he never said how or when.

  3. Yeah the experience isn’t perfect I have to admit although unfortunately – if your game doesn’t natively support the feature (not sure of any that do yet) it will be the same on fully supported LG screens as they do exactly the same thing and pickup the split screen layout and spread between each eye 🙁

    Do any titles natively support Dual Play yet?

  4. As far as I know,any game that supports the split screen feature should work.I’ve tried Killzone 3,GT5 and MW2.All with mixed results and by no means crisp and clear.

  5. i cant get my dual play to work on my
    TM2792S. what do i do. my cable to my xbox is plugged into hdm1. does that have anything to do with it

    1. It shouldn’t matter which HDMI port you use. You need a game that supports Dual Play – you then need to activate 3D mode either side by side, or top and bottom depending on your game.

      The TV should then do the rest.

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