iPhone Sending Spam Text Message

iphone spam text

An iPhone trying to send a spam text message on it’s own? I don’t usually post content like this, in fact – I don’t think I’ve ever posted content like this but something very strange happened on my iPhone 4s that I wanted to share.

Something or someone managed to get it to create a text message that was addressed to every contact on my phone and was about to send it.

I’d like to consider myself fairly technical but I had no idea that either a malicious App or Website would be able to actually create a text message on my phone and prompt me to send it.

I haven’t been to any sites that I’d refer to as dodgy or undesirable and nothing has been knowingly installed on the phone for weeks but yet here I was staring at a text message full of links and product names that was just begging for me to click send.

Thankfully I realised something wasn’t quite right and managed to cancel the message without spamming everyone in my contacts list.

In hindsight, I should have taken a screenshot or at least a photo showing the message – especially considering that the very first steps of computer forensics are usually to isolate and store evidence.  I guess I was still in shock.

My guess would be that some malware on one of the sites I’ve visited recently (again I swear I haven’t been anywhere out of the ordinary, but then not everyone’s ordinary is the same I guess) has managed to run something on the iPhone and then create this nasty little situation.

I don’t know if this is something limited to iPhones and if it is which versions – or whether it’s an issue for all phones but it was enough to compel me to write this post.

Anyway, I felt a need to share this as it’s not something I’ve ever com across or researched before.  An early sweep of Google didn’t reveal anything so I’ve either found something new here or it’s so old and boring (a bit like me!) – no one cares any more.

I’ll keep reading and if I find anything, I’ll be sure to update this post.  In the meantime, please feel free to let me know if you’ve ever seen anything like this in the comments.


  1. I’m in the same boat except my iPhone DID send about about 30 text message in what looks to be Chinese. I contacted Apple and they had me reset my iPhone and change my Apple ID. The customer service agent didn’t even seem concerned.

    My phone isn’t jail broken, nor have I opened any dodgy link, downloaded and apps recently, gone to sketchy websites etc. My IOS is up to date.


    1. Scary isn’t it? It was a while ago but I’m pretty sure I didn’t click on anything dodgy either. Hope you get it sorted.

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