Heroes of the Storm Beginners Tips

HoTs 6 Tips New Players

Getting started with Heroes of the Storm can be a little challenging at first so I thought I’d jot down a few tips that have helped me get going.

I am not ashamed to admit that since playing Heroes of the Storm I have actually found myself enjoying competative gaming in ways I haven’t experienced since the hay days of Counter Strike

Here are a few beginners tips for Heroes of the Storm:

1) Get As Many Heroes to Level 5 as Possible

There are two reasons you want to do this. Firstly, as you head to level 5 you will of course have to hit level 4 first which is when all character abilities get unlocked. Secondly, when you get a character to level 5 you will get 500g for the achievement – an easy way to start raking the gold in.

2) Play AI matches to Improve

For the most part, the AI in Heroes is actually pretty good. I have a feeling that enemy AI is tuned a bit higher than allied, but playing a full AI game still pays a good amount of XP and Gold until you cap for the day. Learn how to influence the AI characters by using the mini map pings and remember that you can command them to follow you by pinging them!

3) Try Lots of Heroes

All Heroes play differently and some of them may not appear good to begin with but with a little practice, they all have their uses. Take advantage of the weekly free plays and get a feel for what you enjoy.  You can also Try Heroes for Free in Sandbox Mode before deciding where to spend your hard earned gold / cash.

4) Do Your Dailies

Dailies are there to help you get your gold built up and if you combine daily grinding with the characters you need to get to level 5, you won’t be poor for very long

5) Don’t be Afraid

Having witnessed the LoL community first hand, I’m happy to say that Heroes of the Storm is by no means as toxic when it comes to learning and getting to grips with the game. I’ve met more friendly players than not and it’s rare you’ll get any grief.

6) Play the Objectives

The number one rule for learning Heroes of the Storm for me is learn the maps as well as the characters. Understanding what objectives are required on each map is key to winning and always try and play in ways that helps the team – this is not a game for loners.

Hopefully that will get you going!

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to shout out.

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